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En VogueEn Vogue caters to guests with diverse predilections l Image Credit: Courtesy of En Vogue

Jumeirah dwellers will remember the iconic Choithrams supermarket that became a landmark along Jumeirah Beach Road. Sunday dinner was incomplete without ingredients from this traditional department store. These days, Sunday dinner will be incomplete without designer cutlery and dining furniture from the fashionable interior design gallery that has replaced the supermarket.

This hidden gem, En Vogue has added a sparkle of sophistication to the street corner that Choithrams once inhabited. Gleaming in an aura of lambent light, the boutique invites anyone who has a house in need of beautifying or even an Instagram account seeking vibrant content. Those rushing to a party and looking for a last-minute present on the way can also take their pick from En Vogue’s array of gorgeous giftware. The boutique features works from a diverse selection of designers from every corner of the world, and invites visitors hailing from different backgrounds. When it opened in August, En Vogue brought more style to an already stylish part of the city.

Unique space

The store is the Gulf General Investment Company’s debut in Dubai’s interior design industry. “The idea was that we wanted a unique offering to add to our current retail portfolio and create something different from the other furniture retail brands you typically see around Dubai,” says Rob Canning, General Manager of En Vogue. “All the brands carried at En Vogue have a great story and history.

“We feel this is what makes the products unique from the rest of the market.” Frequently featured brands include Kravet, Barbara Barry and Council.

Kravet serves as the boutique’s anchor brand. It symbolizes a block of matured cheese in the ageing furniture industry. Established in 1918, the brand was born from the handiwork of a Russian tailor who migrated to the US. The company revolved around serving the elite community of New York.

Award-winning designer Barbara Barry is another contributor to En Vogue’s portfolio. Known for her signature streamlined style, Barry’s designs are internationally renowned and whisper modest luxury. Some choice articles in En Vogue’s collection can be customised. Everything from select fabrics to nail heads can be tailored to suit personal tastes. The list of tailors and textile designers who exhibit at the gallery includes Andrew Martin, Thom Felicia and even Calvin Klein.

Eclectic works

En Vogue’s products go beyond just furniture and fabric. The interior design boutique also houses timeless expressions of art and innovative design. Some of the pieces could instantly boost the total value of a house by a surprising amount.

One such limited-edition artwork is Biegert and Funk’s Qlocktwo, a clock that shows the time in words instead of numbers.

What makes it worth signing up for an insurance is that it’s crafted from gold foil. It flaunts modern minimalism, and the words have been carved using laser technology. The clock is available in a variety of languages, including Arabic, English, Russian and Chinese.

En Vogue also offers paintings by French artist Jerome Revon.

The boutique’s services are as versatile as the batch of artists whose creations it displays. Not only does En Vogue function as a retail outlet, it also aspires to be a design catalogue for its visitors. The gallery’s team performs a range of different tasks that cater to interior design needs.

“[En Vogue] offers a full-service experience,” Canning says. “Whether a customer needs some advice on putting together a few pieces of furniture or a client needs us to design and build a hotel, we have the capabilities to do so.

“Our team of architects, artists and draughtsmen are always willing to help no matter how big or small the requirements.”

Novel collection

As it continues to establish its reputation in Jumeirah, the boutique has ambitions of expanding across the Middle East. There are plans for En Vogue to host novelty collections such as speciality Assouline books and glamorous Rigaud candles, among other endeavours.

If your space is already furnished, give it that finishing touch with the boutique’s defining room fragrances. En Vogue can be trusted to spice up your home.

Source: Nichole Nikoliovich, Special to Property Weekly

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