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Seemingly an out-of-the-box idea, Boxpark revels in the uniqueness of its construction made out of 220 colourful shipping containers that have been converted into shops and restaurants.

An idea which takes its cue from similar structures in cities like London, Paris, New York and Christchurch, Boxpark is viewed as a unique destination for people to dine, shop and relax.

Located on a 1,200-meter stretch of Al Wasl Road, between Safa Park and Emirates Post, the mall enlists the use of unconventional building materials such as concrete and steel to add a touch of modernity. The development, which is inspired by functional design and urban renewal projects, is the developer’s third concept in less than two years, following The Beach and Citywalk.

Boxpark looks to provide a welcoming deviation from the usual sprawling indoor malls, thanks to its multifarious restaurants, cafés and high-end fashion outlets stylishly blended with open spaces that vie to soak up the outdoor ambience, especially during the cooler climes.

It is a revolutionary lifestyle destination where urban chic meets contemporary sophistication. Inviting and at the same time engaging, it is a seamless addition to Dubai’s portfolio of chic and classy shopping malls.

With an array of 44 high-end F&B outlets and retail stores, such as the retro Italian ice cream store Dri Dri, the children’s shoe store Polliwalks and the German fashion brand Rundholz as well as Nike and Adidas Originals, Boxpark is the latest and trendiest dining and shopping destination laid out in a funky setting.

With the launch of the colourful scheme which has a striking architectural concept, Dubai once again reaffirms its status as a global city.

Handy Hints
• Boxpark is a chic shopping spot made of warehouse containers
• It takes cue from similar structures in London, Paris and others
• It is located on Al Wasl Road, between Safa Park and Emirates Post

Source: Bandana Jain, Special to Properties
The writer is a freelancer

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