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Al Barari is an upscale area that is brimming with luxurious residences guaranteed to grapple a visitor’s interest by storm. One would have to take the exit before Global Village, on the route towards Abu Dhabi, to get there.

The locality exudes an aura of exclusivity that very few places in Dubai can offer. The entrance to the villa area is flanked by very eye-pleasing shrubbery standing almost five meters tall.

Al Bararι is touted to comprise residential areas Ashjar, Seventh Heaven, The Reserve and The Residences, which is composed of Acacia, Bromellia, Camellia and Dahlia.

Residential units will feature spacious rooms, garden areas, bespoke terraces, swimming pools, and other swanky amenities to justify their expensive buying price tags. With other residential projects featuring a selection of duplex, three-floor and four-floor units, buyers are spoilt for choice.

With the entire vicinity swamped with greenery, there is a sense of forest-like serenity on the pathways leading to individual villas. There are two concepts that stand out in this development: The Farm and Greenworks.

The Farm is a gourmet fine dining restaurant that is as expensive as its locale. Snugly located in the heart of Al Bararι, The Farm offers a range of English, Thai, low-carb and vegetarian cuisines, with a special menu option just for children.

A plant nursery located very close to the entrance, Greenworks supplies garden and landscaping facilities for all residents. It aims to become one of the largest privately owned nurseries in the country within a couple of years.

Al Sarab residences are juxtaposed right next to the villas in the Al Bararι area. They are a cluster of five buildings constructed primarily to house airline staff. The most attractive feature of this area is the ample spacing in between adjacent units. The locality features Remal Mall, Costa Coffee and Minimart, among others.

Handy Hints
• Al Barari housing includes Seventh Heaven, The Reserve, The Residences, etc.
• The residences include villas, garden homes, duplexes, sky villas, and others
• Also featured in the project are restaurant The Farm and nursery Greenworks




Source: Nandakumar Ganesh, Special to Properties
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