Area Guide: A bouquet of O'de Roses

Area GuideThe owners’ Arabian heritage is evident throughout the store, from elements of popular culture (above) l Image Credit: Courtesy of O’de Rose

Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah is a relatively average district, studded with everything a district should have. Coffee houses, supermarkets, restaurants and the like. And then there’s O’de Rose. Continue reading for the area guide.

The boutique attracts visitors without even needing them to see the interiors. The vibrant strips of fabric that dance amid the wind in the courtyard are enough to draw anyone who catches a glimpse of it.

Inside, O’de Rose resembles a hoarder’s bedroom. A hoarder with an impeccable sense of panache, that is. It features everything from striking pop art cushions to ornate cutlery, Islamic poetry calligraphy and feather crowns.

Avid travellers, Nadine Khoury and her cousins spend their time trotting the globe. Along with their memories, they bring back precious souvenirs that represent the culture they come from. Most of the trinkets that O’de Rose features are reminiscent of Arabian heritage, a nod to the founding trio’s origin.

The boutique’s design is heavily influenced by Khoury’s time in New York. She couldn’t leave the Big Apple without bringing a slice of it with her.

“O’de Rose provides a unique shopping experience in Dubai — an oasis away from the busy shopping and commercial districts,” says Khoury, the founder and managing partner.

“It all started as a common family passion for my two cousins and me. Our desires brought together elements that are different and emotional, yet compatible—three passions fused into one.”

Come up roses
The rose plays a larger role than just refreshing guests upon arrival. It is heavily incorporated into most of the designs featured at the store.

The furniture at O’de Rose, each article unique, is sourced from different corners of the world. The store collaborates with crafts societies for people with disability and underprivileged women. It also extends opportunities to ambitious artisans and designers.

Each statement piece at the store has been both hand- crafted and hand-picked. O’de Rose also offers clothing, accessories, contemporary art and home décor — classics redefined with a modern twist.

“We work with many popular designers at the boutique, such as Nada Debs or Name Design Studio,” says Khoury. “We also collaborate with many small and developing designers, who are design gurus in their own way.”

The best way to describe the items at O’de Rose would be kitsch, but classy.

O’de Rose recently launched a store in Galleries Lafayette, The Dubai Mall. Further expansion plans are on the cards in the UAE and then the rest of the world. That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for diva kind. In the sauciest pair of heels, of course!

Source: Nichole Nikoliovich, Special to Property Weekly
O’de Rose is located on Al Wasl Road, Dubai Call 04 348 7990 l

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