Al Zahiyah in Abu Dhabi is as 'colorful' as it gets

Al Zahiyah in Abu Dhabi is as 'colorful' as it getsImage Credit: Supplied

The Tourist Club Area (TCA) in Abu Dhabi, now called Al Zahiyah (''colorful'' in Arabic), got its rather unique name from a club popular among tourists in the olden days for its entertainment and other amenities. Although the club is long gone, the area remains extremely popular among businessmen and residents alike.

Although largely known as a residential area, TCA has several commercial buildings and towers that cater to different businesses, from small enterprises to global corporations. These buildings offer various business solutions, depending on an investor's needs. Office units in the area range from shell and core to fitted offices that boast modern business infrastructure.

Some iconic commercial buildings in the area are the Emirates Islamic Bank and ADCB, apart from the massive Abu Dhabi Mall which is a retail paradise.

The mall is connected to the popular Abu Dhabi Co-Op and the luxurious Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi, one of the top-end hotels by the well-known Rotana chain in the Middle East. Another popular hotel and one of the oldest in the area is the Le Meridien Abu Dhabi. Both hotels boast a beach, and a wide array of dining and entertainment options. Aside from the two, there are other small hotels and hotel apartments found in the area. Most of these hotels offer conference and meeting rooms for the business travelers.

TCA is likewise a popular destination among residents and visitors during weekends and holidays as it teems with various venues where people can unwind and party. Some of these are located at the Abu Dhabi Marina Club, or in the different hotels that dot the area.

Moreover, it is packed with supermarkets, fashion boutiques, electronic stores, furniture shops, schools and hospitals, answering every resident's needs.

Handy Hints:

• The old district of Tourist Club Area has been renamed Al Zahiyah

• It has a sprinkling of towers that offer shell and core, fitted offices

• Prominent structures in the area are Abu Dhabi Mall, Le Meridien

Compare this locality to Al Karamah's leafy lanes in Abu Dhabi

Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Properties

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