Al Wahda a smart housing choice for anyone

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Ooozing with culture that blends well with comfortable lifestyle, Sharjah exudes a welcoming atmosphere that attracts residents to its many localities. One of these localities is Al Wahda, which is just a 20-minute drive from Dubai (depending on rush-hour traffic).

The area has a culturally diverse population owing to its variety of housing options and affordable rental rates. One-bedroom apartments can be rented starting from Dh43,000 to Dh49,000, two-bedroom flats from Dh56,000 to Dh79,000, and three-bedroom units from Dh85,000 to Dh115,000.

Al Wahda offers plenty of attractions for tourists and residents alike. It has an impressive number of museums (aviation, arts and maritime) and heritage sites, and schools like the Sharjah Indian School, Al Noor International School and Modern Egyptian Private School.

For weekend gatherings with friends and family, residents can head for the nearby Al Majaz Waterfront which features an activity center for children and adults, children’s play areas, bike and jogging tracks, a mini golf course, the Sharjah Fountain and the massive Splash Park.

When it comes to shopping, the easy to navigate by foot is the City Centre Sharjah which carries popular brands, dining outlets and entertainment areas. Other shopping venues within the locality are Ace Hardware Store, Gift Market, Al Wahda Discount Centre, Al Manara Hypermarket and Al Wafa Center.

Al Wahda also has a list of shops that sell furnishings and other home items like Home Décor, Mostafawi Furniture Carpets & Curtains and Najmi Furniture, and electronic shops such as Electric Home and Jumbo Electronics.

Medical institutions in the vicinity include Liberty Medical Centre and Metawi Medical Center.
With affordable rents on top of many academic institutions, museums and international edutainment exhibitions that abound in area, Al Wahda is a smart residential choice for anyone.

Handy Hints
• Al Wahda enjoys easy access to major shopping and business areas in Dubai
• It is ideal for families as it has a number of school options to choose from
• Rents start from Dh43,000 for a studio to Dh85,000 for a three-bedroom

Source: Alfred Ocianas, Special to Properties
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