Al Rolla has more to it than pop-up shops

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Whether looking for bargains or spending a holiday shopping weekend, Al Rolla in Sharjah is a haven for those in search of special deals. This little district has unique offers for those seeking items to send to their families or products for personal use.

One of the most popular places to look for particular types of goods such as garments or textiles, curtains, linens and carpets is the Al Ghuwair Market. It is one busy shopping hub with pop-up shops that create a unique experience and an environment that engages customers.

Electronic shops also proliferate in the area, offering a wide variety of imported electronic goods and the newest gadgets at marked-down prices compared to those in malls. There is also no shortfall of grocery stores located at walking distance from the residential areas, and commercial establishments offering local and imported food items.

The busy and occupied retail space of Al Rolla attracts other investors as well, making it a retail destination where budding stores offer special discounts to shoppers.

After a day of shopping and consumer exposure, one can spend a retreat at budget but comfortable hotels with modern and refreshing amenities, or enjoy a delightful afternoon in any of the sprawling Indian, Pakistani and Chinese restaurants that can be found on every corner.

Small town as it may seem, neighborhood clinics and hospitals are available in the area, including the Al Zahra Private Hospital.

The development of Rolla Square Park gave the emirate an opportunity to boost its popularity among visitors and residents. Close to the important areas and the main bus station, it is now listed as one of Sharjah’s main historical sites. Visitors come from as far as Umm Al Quwain, Ajman or the capital to meet under the Rolla tree.

Al Rolla is full of people who gather at any day of the week, holiday or not, giving it a festive atmosphere, which it intends to keep.

Handy Hints
• Hotels, gadget shops, grocery stores, clinics abound in Al Rolla
• The Al Ghuwair Market is one of Al Rolla’s centers of retail action
• Indian, Pakistani and Chinese restaurants are aplenty in Al Rolla

Source: Cleofi-Krista Capili, Special to Properties
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