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Al Ain Industrial City (AAIC) is strategically located in the district of Zakher, which is equidistant from the centers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Set in an area of 10 square kilometers, it is surrounded by a network of roadways and easily accessible to hospitals, universities and residential areas of Al Ain.

AAIC was established in 2006 to promote sustainable development and provide opportunities for national entrepreneurs in the Western region of the country. Conceived and implemented by ZonesCorp, AAIC provides the most modern infrastructure and services which improve the economy of Al Ain and propel the city to reach up to the standards of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

AAIC consists of 300 industrial plots of land which offer multi-use facilities mainly targeting SMEs. The area is further divided into eight sub industrial zones, namely Light Manufacturing and repair workshops, Agricultural Processing and Food Canning, Light Manufacturing, Chemical & Plastic Industries, Construction Materials, Technology Cluster, Environmental Industries and Advance Factory Units.

There is also an allocated land for the Main Center for Administrative Services and Local Centers serving the factories and the Workers Residential Complex of AAIC.

AAIC is recognized as a major potential contributor to the industrial development of Al Ain City by roping in an investment volume of AED 1.4 billion. One major contributor is Al Ain Distribution Company, which has an integrated infrastructure that provides ample power and electricity to the various needs of the region.

It also rolled out vast youth employment initiatives and at the same time continued to mentor and encourage SME activities in the region. The availability of natural resources and raw materials along with lower labor and production cost, have contributed heavily to the popularity of the industrial city.

Handy Hints
• It helped boost the industrial activities in the western region
• It has 300 industrial plots further divided into specific centers
• AAIC is in Zakher district with easy access to Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Source: Zanifer Khaleel, Special to Properties
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