Abu Dhabi: An affordable lifestyle in a bustling atmosphere

Electra Street is one of the locales in the capital that is popular among budget-sensitive residentsImage Credit: Supplied

Electra Street is one of the oldest streets in Abu Dhabi. Located in the city center, it stretches four kilometers and is chock-a-block with electronic shops and small businesses selling knickknacks ranging from hair extensions to perfumes and miswaks to costume jewelry.

On a Friday, it is practically impossible to find parking in the area, and exploring it on foot is a lot quicker than taking a car. Being one of the oldest streets in the capital means that tenants in its apartment buildings are also Abu Dhabi old-timers, some residents of the city for over 30 years.

Residents testify that the main advantage of living in Electra despite the weekend traffic congestion and daily parking woes is its lively atmosphere. The place offers convenience for everyone in that one can get anything he needs within walking distance from his home, be it groceries, a party dress, and even odd bits and bobs. A particular advantage is that repair of electronic items is only a five-minute walk away for the technologically challenged.

Studio apartments on Electra Street start leasing at Dh30,000 per annum while one-bedroom apartments start at around Dh50,000. Two and three-bedroom apartments can be rented at approximately Dh70,000 and Dh95,000, respectively.

Hotel apartments like Cassells Hotel Apartments offer fully furnished studio units, standard double rooms and executive suites for those looking for a relatively short stay in the city center. Cristal Hotel and Sands Hotel also provide accommodation options for tourists.

Al Ibrahimi, one of the oldest Pakistani restaurants in the city, is located in Electra. It boasts food heavy on the palate yet light on the pocket. It is practically impossible to find seating here on weekends. The locality also hosts Indian restaurants Moti Mahal and Nihal, and other small eateries.

Some of the hospitals found in Electra include Lifeline Hospital and NMC Speciality Hospital. Meanwhile, Electra Park is a well-maintained, quiet green space that people frequent to catch up with friends or relax with family.

Handy Hints:

* Rents for studio apartments are at Dh30,000, one-bedroom at Dh50,000

* Electra Street is famous for its wide range of electronic stores, other shops

* The locality is also host to eateries, hotels, hotel apartments and hospitals

Click on Electra Street and find out how the place offers convenience for everyone.

Source: Bushra Hameduddin, Special to Properties

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