The Springs - A very self-contained community

The Springs - A very self-contained communityImage Credit: Supplied

We live in a type 3M in Springs 2, which is a three bedroom villa with a study downstairs. We used to live in a two-bedder type 4M, but got too cramped when our family grew. Our landlord then evicted us so he could sell the property and we took it as an opportunity to upsize. We did look at other developments, but knew from the start that we wanted to stay in the Springs.

We pay Dh180,000 per year which is probably at the top end of current market prices, but we've got a lovely villa in great condition. We saw some that were Dh5,000 or Dh10,000 less, but weighed up the pros and cons and decided this one was worth the extra money.

We rent right now because that suits us. If having a mortgage were to be cheaper than our monthly rental, we might consider it, but we do have reservations about buying here.

Everything we need is on our doorstep, including education. Our daughters are at school and nursery in the community so we don't have to deal with lengthy commutes every day.

We get a great sense of community living here. We have friends a couple of streets away, as well as in other Springs, and having many of our daughters' school friends living here too means we don't have to travel far for play dates. In this respect, the community is very self-contained, and it's nice to see familiar faces when we're out and about. We can also go to the communal facilities and meet new people, most of whom have families.

We really appreciate having all the facilities we need within the community. The pool is a short walk, there are play areas for the children or we can simply go for a walk or a scoot around the lovely lakes. We have major supermarkets, pharmacies, other amenities and plenty of dining options, and we're not far from major malls including Ibn Battuta and Mall of the Emirates. There's also the new City Centre Mea'aisem that's about ten minutes' drive away.

We're within easy reach of some of the most popular leisure and entertainment areas, including the Marina and JBR and Business Bay and Downtown. Wherever we want to go is not more than a 15-20 minute journey by car, and of course we're also close to the Metro in JLT. Access in and out is usually easy, with the new trunk roads meaning there's plenty of space. I know lots of longtime residents weren't happy when these roads were first designed, but they do make it easy to get in and out of the community and also get around within it.

One of our favourite aspects of the Springs is the well-maintained greenery with plenty of grass, trees and wildlife. Living in a gated community where the master developer takes care of the maintenance is a big plus.

Downsides to living here are few and far between. Our old house did have some maintenance issues, but so far we've not had any significant problems in this villa. Traffic and parking around the schools can be an issue at pick-up and drop-off times.

Since it's a gated community managed by a master developer, there can be a bit of extra red tape; you need a permit to move in or out, and any contractor coming to visit you needs a pass. We understand why this is the way it is, but if you need a contractor at short notice and they don't already hold a pass, it makes life a little bit more difficult.

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: Catherine Rankin Harper, Special to Property WeeklyPW

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