Remraam: Experiencing the joys of community living

RemraamNeetu Sugandh and child Veer in one of the play areas found within the community

Dubai is a multicultural city that provides a cosmopolitan and modern environment. It has something for everyone, and in terms of housing options, you are spoilt for choice.

If you are a people person, you can choose to live in the bustling but crowded streets of Bur Dubai and Deira, but if you fancy peace and tranquility, then you may consider living in a community like Rem-raam.

Remraam is one of the latest feathers to be added to the mixed-use community cap. Situated in the heart of Dubailand, it is approximately a 30-minute drive from Al Barsha, giving it easy access to all the schools and leisure destinations in and around that area, including Mall of the Emirates.

The beautiful community is surrounded by greenery, and comprises several play pockets and ample open spaces for kids to indulge in outdoor sports, the primary reasons why young parents Neetu and Amrut Sugandh chose to make it their home in January.

In addition, Remraam is also equipped with basketball and tennis courts, and swimming pools.

Neetu shares a spacious two-bedroom apartment with her husband and child, Veer. Their apartment boasts two massive balconies which can be easily turned into an outdoor party venue for a select number of guests.

“This is a very good place to bring up our child.The prime reason why we moved here is the availability of open spaces for him to play around,” says Neetu.

“Remraam is a diverse community made up of different nationalities. All the kids come down in the evenings to play; that way, my child will also make new friends and get to learn from people of different cultures.

“Remraan is also not very cluttered unlike the other areas in Dubai. I am aware it is a little secluded, but when you think of the overall view, I think we have made a very good decision of moving here,” she adds.

House hunting can be a strenuous process and the Sugandh family couldn’t agree more.

“We looked at several areas including Discovery Gardens and Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT). Although the flats were nice and spacious in Discovery Gardens, we stepped back due to the traffic nightmares in the area. On the other hand, JLT did not match our space requirements. Since we wanted a spacious apartment, it was not a wise decision for us to move there either,” says Neetu.

However, she reveals that she has no regrets about moving to Remraam as the development provides pure value for money.

“It is a very clean, safe and well-maintained area which makes it ideal for families to reside in. The best part is that my husband’s work has become closer, so he gets home early and luckily does not have to deal with too much stress of driving that most Dubai residents complain about,” she says.

When asked if they have any complaints about the place, Neetu says, “The only drawback is the place’s lack of connectivity to public transport. There is no metro station or bus stop. There is not even one supermarket in the vicinity, so if you need basic things like bread and milk, you either have to pull your car out or call a taxi. I think once it gets more settled and more people start moving in, Remraam will definitely become a much better place to live in.”

• Spacious apartments
• Modern amenities
• Play pockets outside each building
• Open spaces for kids to indulge in outdoor sports like basketball, tennis, cricket and swimming
• Family-friendly atmosphere
• Green and peaceful community

• No connectivity to public transport
• No supermarkets in the vicinity

Source: Sharrah Kapadla, Special to Freehold

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