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Adding a South East Asian flavour (in terms of architecture) off the western rim of Abu Dhabi island is Al Gurm Resort, a residential and tourist project. With its “nature first” policy, it is a community that combines nature and the most exclusive residential villas.

The high-end waterfront villas are located on the quiet Arabian Gulf Road and co-exist with the mangroves. The neighbourhood consists of three-bedroom, four-bedroom and five-bedroom homes on private islands.

Each property is developed into a low-rise structure to avoid disturbing the wildlife that thrives abundantly in the area. There are about more than 60 species of birds and other wildlife and marine life in the locality.

The houses are constructed using cream and pale salmon pink stones as exteriors. Aluminium screens, designed after mashrabiyas, are used to shade some of the large windows, railings and swimming pools.

There are lots of well-kept landscaped gardens and pedestrian walkways conveniently located within the community if you want to sightsee its flora and fauna.

Residents agree that safety is important, particularly for bringing up kids and to promote trust among members of the community. The luxurious development is protected by round-the-clock security. All entrance and exit points are monitored by over 20 security cameras to ensure peace of mind among residents.

One of the most coveted neighbourhoods in the capital, Al Gurm Resort is increasingly becoming popular among investors who are drawn to a relaxing environment and luxurious living arrangements that bestow a “window on nature” feel.

The place can also be a great holiday destination with its portfolio of prestigious villas. It is just a 10-minute drive from Corniche, the capital’s top tourist destination.


Handy Hints

• Al Gurm Resort is a remarkable residential and tourist destination in capital

• Its housing options consist of prestigious three, four and five-bedroom villas

• The project’s mangroves and wildlife are protected by “wildlife first” policy


Source: Cleofi-Krista Capili, Special to Properties

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