Oud Metha: A walk to work and school

PWIyad and Deema Hussein, British and Syrian, live in a one bedroom apartment in Metha Plaza, Oud Metha, with their five-year-old daughter Serena. Average rents for properties similar to the Husseins’ are in the region of Dh65,000- Dh80,000 per annum according to the Rera rental index

We’re relative newcomers to Dubai and we rent our apartment here in Metha Plaza. Committing to a property and a mortgage in a new country didn’t, and still doesn’t, make for a logical option at this stage of our lives in the UAE.

Duplex-style one-bedder

Our apartment is a modern, duplex-style one-bedroom with excellent finishing in a large apartment complex. There’s a strong security presence and maintenance staff are prompt if anything needs attention. All the facilities are clean and well maintained, and we have a secure indoor car parking space with plenty of space for visitors to park in the public car park just outside. There’s a good mix of nationalities living in the complex and in the surrounding area; our neighbours are friendly, and we enjoy a good sense of community living within the complex.

Proximity to work and school

We chose the property primarily because it had everything we wanted at a decent value. Prior to moving in, my employer had put us up in a lovely hotel in the area and we got to know it well, so we decided we wanted to stay here and looked for a suitable apartment as close to the hotel as possible. It’s literally walking distance from my workplace, and I can’t stress enough how convenient it is to be able to leave the house at 8.52am and be in my office at 9am. And when our daughter got a place at the school right next to my office, our minds were even more made up. We’d spoken to many people about the traffic in Dubai, and a lengthy school run was something we definitely wanted to avoid.

Value for money

Along with proximity to work and school, we wanted our property to be good value for money—which we think it most definitely is — and have facilities that are essential for us such as a pool and a gym. I use them every day. We also wanted safe play areas for Serena and our apartment complex has space in abundance where we’re happy for her to play.

Being able to walk around the area was important to us, coming from the UK. We like that we’re within a short drive from many popular leisure and entertainment facilities such as Wafi Mall and Dubai Mall — as well as all the healthcare facilities in Dubai Healthcare City—but for us being able to walk to places in the immediate area is also a priority. We have many shopping facilities within a block or two, as well as children’s entertainment and plenty of dining options.

Short drive to the Creek Park

If I had to find any downsides, I’d say the lack of a balcony — although we’ve decided this is probably a good thing in some ways as we have a child — and the lack of greenery in the area. We are, however, a very short drive away from Creek Park, which is beautiful now that the weather is cooler. We’ve also had to adjust to a smaller space than we had in the UK, but we do feel we’re getting value for money so this isn’t too much of a problem.

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Source: Catherin Rankin Harper, Special to Property WeeklyPW

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