Jumeirah Beach Residence - Being in the midst of a happening place

Jumeirah Beach Residence - Being in the midst of a happening placeStylist and makeup artist Rifqa Abrahams (inset) lives with her pet dog at Rimal 1

Rifqa Abrahams, a freelance makeup artist and stylist, and her pet dog have been residents of Rimal 1 at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) for the past six years.

Rifqa chose to live in JBR particularly because of the beach. She says she loves being at the beach during her free time and visits it at least twice a week during the cooler months.

A lot of cafes and restaurants catering to varied types of cuisines can be found in JBR. There are also establishments offering quick food delivery.

The area has several five-star hotels which add to its vibrant night life. Shops and boutiques and other conveniences are right at the residents' doorsteps, making life easy and comfortable for everyone. Furthermore, the Dubai Marina Mall adds to the glory of the locality.

The Walk has converted into a veritable tourist destination. Its rising popularity is a mark of its success in attracting huge crowds, particularly on weekends and holidays.

A perennial festive atmosphere prevails in the outdoor hangout, making it perhaps the most-visited place in New Dubai.

Rifqa narrates that The Walk, with its lively atmosphere and many attractions, is her favourite place to hang out with friends.

Meanwhile, the latest addition to the JBR landscape, The Beach, with its open-air cinema, shops, open spaces and a host of retail establishments, has obviously revved up the scene in the trendy neighbourhood.

Well-connected to transport options like the Dubai Metro, Dubai tram and bus, getting to other parts of the city has now become much easier.

Some phenomenal developments in the community have propelled JBR to the list of one of the fastest growing developments in the city.

It is also perhaps one of the most happening places in Dubai, with a unique amalgamation of charming cobbled streets, dune-coloured residential towers and a beach to complement the upscale lifestyle.

But all good things come with their own niggles.

Although the Dubai Tram has become operational a year ago, traffic congestion remains a problem in the area.

''JBR is notorious for its arduous traffic situation. The residents of the area have been reeling under the pressure of traffic gridlocks without any respite over the past years,'' says Rifqa.

She further states that adding to the woes is the rampant construction in the area, which has made things worse over time.

''It is sometimes hard to even walk to the gym or swimming pool. There is hardly any place left for the kids to play,'' says Rifga.

The noise emanating from the construction site is also a big damper to the residents' desire of living a comfortable and quiet life.

Another of Rifqa's pet peeve has to do with the building maintenance, which she is not happy about. ''At times, it takes up to 15 days for the technicians to do the repair,'' says the stylist.

She is also unhappy that there is no place to walk the dog out. ''Now, pets are no longer allowed in the apartments. So, either we move out of JBR or we have to give the dog away.''

''Visitors' parking is another issue that needs to be addressed immediately,'' adds Rifqa.

Once the main problem of traffic congestion in the area is finally sorted out, the scenario at JBR is expected to be much more comfortable and conducive for living and enjoying its many attractions.

• Fitness facilities
• Shops and malls
• Cafes and restaurants
• Open-air cinema
• Public beach
• Metro and tram connectivity

• Traffic snarls
• Irregular building maintenance
• Ongoing construction

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Source: Bandana Jain, Special to Freehold

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