Hidden Gem: Urban Yogi - Furniture with a soul

Time Square CentreThe collection is sourced from across the subcontinent, with subtle differences in concept l Image Credit: Courtesy of The Urban Yogi

Unlike many businesses that transition from bricks and mortar to online, The Urban Yogi became a conventional shop from humble beginnings as a web-only enterprise. Located in Times Square Centre, the vibrant furniture boutique is hard to miss. Its rustic vintage furniture is reminiscent of rural Asia.

They are primarily crafted from wood. Some of them feature traditional Indian accents of mirrors in geometric shapes and distressed painting techniques. The collection is sourced from various locations in the Indian subcontinent, reflected in the subtle differences in design and concepts.

The Middle East performs considerably well in the luxury retail market, but a sizeable gap in the sustainable luxury market cannot be easily ignored. The Urban Yogi strives to address this.

Having spent a decade in the business development sector of the media industry, the boutique’s owner, Nisha Varman Shetty, knew the secret formula to getting her company off the ground. When The Urban Yogi created its Facebook page, it gained 500 likes in the first two weeks of its digital launch. It now has 23,000.

“With all her time in the media industry, Nisha wanted a new challenge in her career and switched to entrepreneurial mode in the form of The Urban Yogi,” says general manager Adnan Hussein.

In addition to giving the brand an identity that people remember, Shetty plays an active role in designing the furniture and educating her artisans about the latest style trends. She also strives to give conventional workmanship a contemporary spin.

“Our brand stands for individuals who have a heightened sense of karma, who want to do good as well as look good,” says Hussein of the shop’s ethos. “Individuals who want to make a difference in their everyday life.”

He says the boutique aspires to cater to an audience of conscientious individuals who nurture a taste for sophistication and are inspired by unique beauty.

The Urban Yogi ventures to compile a collection of furniture from international origins. Its inspirations come from diverse cultures such as Australia, Morocco, India, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Decades of refined skill and a rich cultural history have equipped artisans from these countries to create some of the world’s leading interior design brands.

The majority of the boutique’s clientele are Western expats and Emiratis. It hosts artistic events like Ripe and Arte Market and Baby Bazaar. The boutique also plans to expand across the GCC.

The Urban Yogi is located at Times Square Centre

Source: Nichole C. Miranda, Special to Property Weekly

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