A good value for money

Communal areas in The Villa are well maintained with plenty of lakes, green areas, plants and trees / Image Credit: Supplied.Communal areas in The Villa are well maintained with plenty of lakes, green areas, plants and trees / Image Credit: Supplied.

We’ve been living in The Villa for six years now and we’re renting, as we decided buying in Dubai wasn’t the right choice for our family. We chose to move here for a couple of reasons; it’s an easy commute to work for my husband, and when we signed contracts rent was very reasonable so we felt we were getting good value for money.

Very central

We love the location of our house. The community is easily accessible from either the Al Ain road or the E311, and we can reach most areas of Dubai within 15-20 minutes. Although the community is very modern and houses are brand new and contemporary, we’re very close to the desert. We love that we can see camels wandering around every day.

We have plenty of amenities both within our community and in areas close by. Within The Villa, we have Spinney’s, Costa Coffee, Tips & Toes, Oregano Pizza, a pharmacy, a photo lab, Champion Cleaners, a money exchange and a gents salon. Just along the road at the Sky Court complex there are lots more restaurants, cafes and amenities. As we’re in such a central location, we can get to all the major malls and areas we like to visit for leisure with a short car journey.

Great community feeling

One of the best parts of living in The Villa is the amazing sense of community here. Our courtyard is pretty big so we have lots of imme diate neighbours; I know lots of them and they’re all very friendly. Within the community, we organise a number of events such as book clubs, coffee mornings and lunches, and we have a Villa Mums and Villa Dads Facebook page — among others — so it’s easy to stay connected. These sites have been a huge help in developing the community sense, and also for me personally. I often post on them if I’m in need of help, and someone always responds straight away. I’ve had a neighbour print a document for me, borrowed items and found friends all through the community network.

Villas here are pretty sizeable, so we feel we’re really getting value for our money. Even with increases over the years, I think rents in our community are more reasonable than similar developments around Dubai.

Kids love it

We have plenty of beautiful, immaculately maintained play areas for the children within the community, which is great both for the children and for us to meet other parents.

Communal areas are also very well looked after, with plenty of lakes, green areas, plants and trees, so the community has a lovely feel to it. Having a pool in the garden is brilliant for the children, as we don’t have to go through a military operation to get everyone ready for a swim and then transported to somewhere outside.

Downsides to living here are few and far between for us. Parts of the community are still under construction, so depending where you go, you might see unfinished villas or empty lots. Also, if we’re going towards Abu Dhabi on the E311, the only way to do this is to drive all the way to Silicon Oasis, which is frustrating.


The Villa is a gated villa community located between Mohammad Bin Zayed Road and Al Ain Road in Dubailand. Three-to six-bedroom villas are available and rents based on the Rera rental index range from Dh180,000-Dh350,000.

Source: Catherine Rankin Harper, Special to Property Weekly PW


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