Arabian Ranches: An exclusive oasis set in desert surroundings

Arabian RanchesGundeep Singh, wife Shilpi and sons Ishaan and Satvik (inset) live in an eco-friendly villa in Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches is one of Dubai’s many high-end villa communities.

It is located near Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, with close access to Al Khail Road and premiere entertainment destination Global Village.

Gundeep Singh, President and Founder of The Change Initiative and CEO of Proteck MEA, Proteck Electronics LLC, wife Shilpi and kids Ishaan and Satvik live in a Mirador villa within the development.

Having resided amidst the community’s tranquil and elite surroundings for more than eight years, Gundeep comments, “Arabian Ranches is a premium residential destination with a characteristic villa lifestyle that spells space and comfort. At the same time, it comes with a plethora of amenities.”

He adds, “It features community living with many opportunities for children to play and learn such as horse riding, swimming and tennis. I must acknowledge that the children enjoy the open spaces here and have room to do things independently.”

According to Gundeep, Arabian Ranches is made up of houses constructed to high standards. The de-velopment’s overall charges for maintenance and upkeep are also quite reasonable.

The neighbourhood is among the few areas in Dubai that has retained value over the years and has not seen the “erratic” up and down movement seen in other developments in the city. It continues to draw residents because of its many perks.

“The secure gated community is a green place to live in, with responsible and friendly residents from a heady mix of nationalities and cultures.

“It is extremely child friendly, with bicycle lanes, community pools, tennis courts, horse riding activities, community services and malls. It also has lots of trees and flowers that bloom throughout the year,” Gundeep says.

The proximity factor also works in their favour as the community is not more than 15 minutes’ drive from the kids’ school and the workplace, making it ideal and very convenient for the whole family.

According to him, although their villa’s design is elegant, he strongly believes that one should reduce one’s carbon footprint to the maximum. Keeping in line with this philosophy, he says they have incorporated several sustainable solutions into their own home.

He narrates that they use solar PV panels, LED lighting and A++ energy-rated appliances. Their home’s flooring is made of crystal glass which reduces dirt accumulation and requires only 20% of cleaning as compared to other types of flooring. They even have FSC-certified wooden furniture and woodwork.

In addition, low-VOC paints and insulating roof coating to reduce heat gain are also used, while the bathrooms and kitchens have been installed low flow water fixtures, depicting the environment-friendly aspect of the Singhs’ villa.

Furthermore, the family utilises greywater in their garden and has planted it with local rugged plants that require less water.

All these acts go to show that the family has spared no effort in making sustainability a focal point of their Arabian Ranches lifestyle.

“Overall, we are happy to be living in the blissful Arabian Ranches,” concludes Gundeep.

• Safe and secure
• Reasonable maintenance costs
• Recreational and sports facilities such as golf and polo clubs, swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts
• Activities for children like horse riding

• No access to the Metro

Source: Bandana Jain, Special to Freehold

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