“We make the most of the cooler months”

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We knew we wanted to live somewhere with plenty of space, especially with a sizeable yard, so we could make the most of the cooler months. This villa in Shorooq, a gated community in Mirdif, was perfect for us as it’s a large property and has lots of space both inside and outside. It’s a new community so all the fixtures and fittings are new, and the villa is in good condition.

Plenty of retail options

The location is great. Within the immediate area we have grocery stores and other amenities such as dry cleaners and pharmacies, and we’re just a few minutes’ drive from Mirdif City Centre which we use for most of our mall shopping. There are lots of retail options at the nearby Uptown Mirdif Centre, as well as medical facilities, salons, cafes, food outlets and all sorts of other shops and services. There’s also Festival City within easy driving distance, with lots of retail outlets and dining and leisure options. We’re very close to the airport, which is handy both for when we have visitors and when we’re going away but not so nice when loud aircraft fly overhead. We aren’t bothered too much by this, though.

Leisure facilities

Within the compound we have play parks for the children, but other leisure and recreation facilities such as pools are still under  construction. Within our area, though, we have plenty of gyms and other exercise facilities. We’re very close to Mushrif Park, which is enormous and has so much for families to do. We have a nursery actually within Shorooq, which is lovely; our sons went there and loved it. There are plenty of other essential facilities in Mirdif as well, such as nurseries, schools and medical centres.

Well maintained

Being a gated community and managed by Dubai Properties, common areas are beautifully done and very well maintained.

There’s lots of greenery everywhere on the compound and the maintenance team does a great job looking after it. And because it’s a managed compound, any maintenance issues we have with the villa itself are dealt with promptly and efficiently by the on-site maintenance teams.

Friendly neighbours

One of the best aspects of living in Shorooq is that it’s a very friendly community and we have lovely neighbours. Everyone looks out for each other and we’re all very supportive. There are lots of different nationalities living here and everyone gets on well.

A good deal

While Mirdif used to be relatively quiet in comparison to many other areas in Dubai, it’s been getting much busier over the past few years and these days there can be quite a lot of traffic, especially coming into and leaving the area at peak commuting times. Mirdif also used to be a very cost-effective option, with great value to be had, but rents have been going up recently and we’ve been faced with many increases. We still think we’re getting a good deal, though.

Source: Property Weekly

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