Winds of change blow across Marfah Port

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The tide has turned for Marfah Port in the Al Gharbia region as it is all set to come out of obscurity to become a prominent maritime hub.

The second phase of the expansion will see a fish market, new retail units dedicated to the boat maintenance business, restaurants, an administrative building, and a supermarket. A total of 240 new berths for boats are also expected to come up.

The phase one of the project is nearing completion where the focus was on developing the port infrastructure and building fishing pontoons. These pontoons are decks on water where the fishermen can berth their boats and empty their catch. Over 100 new pontoons are being constructed to help the fishermen. Dredging and reclamation work along the coastline were also carried out. Around Dh17 million was invested in this project.

The port is located at the northern fringe of Marfah city around 125km from Abu Dhabi. The area has immense tourist potential especially for water sports and fishing. Facilities of kayaking, wind and kite surfing along with sea angling are being planned. Marfah has traditionally been a busy center of fishing and pearl diving.

Marfah, along with Al Sila, Mugharrag and Delma, are the four prominent ports in the western region of the UAE which are earmarked for further investments to prop them as popular maritime destinations.

The Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority has been looking at ways to tap the tourism potential of the western region. Efforts are being made to attract visitors from Saudi Arabia, which shares its borders with the Al Gharbia region. A tourist facilitation center is also being planned at the border town of Al Gweifhat.

Handy Hints
• The first phase of the upgrade is already nearing completion
• Second phase of the renovation will commence soon
• Marfah Port planned to be turned into a popular maritime hub

Source: S. Dhar, Special to Properties
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