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Quality labor accommodation has made the UAE the subject of a fair amount of international scrutiny. With no previously set standards for worker living conditions, there have been plenty of stories in the past of lesser-quality labor accommodation all across the UAE.

Abu Dhabi alone has 30 labor camps housing hundreds of thousands of workers; many of these camps are now being closely inspected by government officials to ensure they are of good standards. These include labor accommodation at International City and Mussafah.

With the continued spike in construction projects since the successful bid for Expo 2020, Dubai Investments Park (DIP), in particular, is seeing a significant increase in demand for labor and staff accommodation. Due to its close proximity to the Expo 2020 site, it is an ideal location with 225 plots that are capable of housing over 90,000 workers. One of the first to offer this level of staff accommodation in the region, DIP maintains a high level of quality for its labor accommodation built as per international standards.

In fact, labor accommodation and wages are one of the biggest influences to the growing cost of construction within the UAE, according to Tariq Chauhan, Group CEO at EFS Facilities Services. He claims that a steep increase in labor accommodation and logistics costs, as much as 30 percent increase in labor camp rentals, has directly impacted all other costs within the construction industry.

One reason for this is the Dubai Municipality’s introduction of measures to ensure quality and safe buildings that will meet international standards for safety and better living conditions for workers. Developers are, therefore, required to invest more money to boost quality so that they comply with those new regulations. This would mean that substandard labor accommodation will soon be a thing of the past.

Handy Hints
• Abu Dhabi has 30 labor camps housing thousands of workers
• DIP sees an increase in demand for labor/staff accommodation
• Dubai introduced measures to ensure quality and safe build

Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Properties
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