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All businesses, at some point, require soundproofing solutions. Maybe the office is located inside a commercial tower, beside other offices. Or, maybe it is located in a commercial square with traffic noise and other roadside disturbances.

Sometimes, offices in the vicinity of an airport need soundproofing solutions to block out noise from aircraft taking off at all hours of the day. Office space located inside a factory unit needs equipment that will block out or at least reduce sounds.

Companies that offer acoustic and sound insulation solutions can help you match your existing office décor with fabric wall panels or vibration mounts. The soundproofing accessories are merged with the stylish décor in such a way that no one can make out the difference. Apart from panels and mounts, acoustic foam and sound control doors are also available. The idea is to block all the avenues where sound can get into the room. If the noise comes from below, the job required may be as simple as loose-laying an acoustic board under the carpet. This requires pulling up the existing carpet and tack strip, installing a new tack strip and restretching the carpet.

Commercial soundproofing products are especially designed to deflect, reflect and absorb sound, or reduce impact or airborne sound. Tiles that can be used to soundproof ceilings are also a big trend. These products are non-flammable and have been tested for safety.

Specialty solutions are also available. Music performance venues or recital halls can be fortified by soundproofing the egress doors, for instance. Every guest wants a peaceful resting environment so hotel rooms can be soundproofed using special panels. For the noisy environment of a factory or an industrial unit, pumps, compressors and fans can be soundproofed using absorptive blankets, or creating sound containment rooms.

Handy Hints
• Match soundproofing accessories with existing office décor
• Loose-lay boards under carpets to reduce noise from below
• Factories may use absorptive blankets or containment rooms

Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Properties
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