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The old age aphorism about the amount of clutter on a person’s desk being directly proportional to the amount of disarray in one’s mind is true. And its veracity does not diminish in any way when it comes to office spaces. Paperless offices may be the new in thing, but just like in homes, when smart and adequate storage solutions are not available, productivity and motivation are greatly affected.

Here are some simple and cost-effective tips for smart storage solutions for offices:

Cabinets and shelves: Each workstation must be equipped with as many cabinets as possible below the desk and at least four shelves above. That way, each individual’s desk is kept uncluttered (the mind dutifully follows), materials are organized and eventually productivity is enhanced.

Lease storage space: Renting an office space comes at a price. Depending on the area chosen to set up base, the asking price can often be debilitating, especially for startups with limited capital. Oftentimes the solutions lie in leasing a matchbox sized space. So where do the essential office documents, supplies, equipment, boxes and materials go? In a professional secure storage of course. Rates are generally not more than AED 1,000 a month for renting one unit of storage space which can hold around 200 boxes with 10x12x15 inch dimensions. Long-term rentals work out cheaper. Packing and transporting of materials are also provided by storage companies. Keys to rented units are with the client, ensuring access to materials when the requirement arises. Alternately, these companies often deliver documents to offices when necessary.

Rethink resource requirements: Use what you have and buy only what you need. As clichéd as it sounds, it works. As a result, you and your staff can focus more intently on your core competence resulting in higher productivity and profitability.

Handy Hints
• Clutter-free office environment results in more productive minds
• Large companies offer smart storage solutions for small spaces
• Storage companies store office materials at reasonable prices

Source: Bushra Hameduddin, Special to Properties
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