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Relocating to a bigger and better office is inevitable for any business which has future expansion and growth in mind. Businesses choose to move so they can get closer to their competitors and customers, allowing them to get updated on the latest business developments and widen their networking opportunities.

Because office relocation involves money and the risk of loss of business, it would take careful planning and consideration for it to come out within budget and as hassle-free as possible.

Experts advise doing the relocation planning as early as one and a half years, or as late as nine months before the current lease expiry, depending on the size of the company. Within this period, you need to identify your relocation budget, relocation date, and the move’s implications to the employees and the running of the business. Also to be factored into the timeline are new office space requirements – the layout of the workstations, Internet connection, IT and telecom installation, office fit-outs, renovation work, among others. This is also the chance for the company to upgrade existing technology and equipment, and consider adopting green work practices.

Experts further suggest that it would be wise to appoint a relocation manager/coordinator or a relocation team who will only focus on the “project.” They carry the onus of identifying delays, troubleshooting problems, communicating with the contractors, dealing with the employees, and ensuring that everything falls according to plan.

Next is picking the right moving professionals who will guide you on the steps of the relocation process. The relocation team needs to work closely with them and understand their procedures to save time and money. Once everything has been transferred to the new location, the company might prefer hiring an agency that will discard unnecessary office furniture and equipment and manage post-move cleanup.

Handy Hints
• Planning for relocation depends on the size of the company
• Experts advise appointing a relocation team or coordinator
• The right moving professionals will make any move much easier





Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Properties
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