A glimpse on serviced offices for modern businesses in Dubai

A glimpse on serviced offices for modern businesses in DubaiImage Credit: Supplied

A perfect way to embark on a startup business is to lease a serviced office. This can actually save money as serviced office rents are often payable monthly as opposed to traditional offices with yearly leases, translating to greater flexibility and convenience.

In terms of cost efficiency and convenience, the biggest advantage of a serviced office is that telephone, electricity and Internet connections are already in place and ready to use.

Serviced offices also include office furniture, from desks and shelves to tables, and a built-in IT infrastructure which means that there are no hidden or additional charges related to furnishings and office equipment. Serviced offices often include parking facilities as well as a CCTV-monitored 24-hour security system.

Most serviced offices in Dubai are located in popular districts such as Dubai Media City, Business Bay, Dubai Marina and Dubai Internet City. They offer facilities like conference rooms and comfortable lounge spaces with tower views that most small businesses could otherwise not afford.

In a serviced office, you only pay for the services and space you use, helping you save money. The fees include maintenance, reception staff and secretarial support, helping you manage your budget on incurring staff costs. Conventional leases usually include other hidden fees.

The flip side is that, as your business increases in size, a serviced office proves out to be more expensive if you plan to use it in the long term. Shared facilities, such as conference rooms, may not be available when you need them if they are being used by other companies that share the same space with you. Some serviced offices also provide less visibility when it comes to branding/promotion as your company name/insignia may not be listed in the lobby directory.

So, weigh the pros and cons before signing on for a serviced space.

Handy Hints:

• A serviced office lease has packages usually paid monthly

• It is equipped with on-hand maintenance and reception team

• Most include IT and IP telephony supported by global network

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Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Properties

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