A glimpse on contemporary office furniture solutions

A glimpse on contemporary office furniture solutionsImage Credit: Supplied

When talking about an office environment, a lot of things cross our mind, be it dealing with work and performance pressures, relationships with peers and contemporaries, and others.

With a larger part of the day spent at work desks, it helps to consider another factor that can enhance performance – a well-organized and designed office. It always pays well to revamp the look of a workplace for it to boost employee efficiency and productivity. Below are simple ideas to transform your office:

• Ergonomic office furniture – This includes tables, chairs and desks, and even keyboards. To maximize comfort and minimize stress, ergonomically-designed office furniture is advisable. It is designed to reduce stress and strains, helps maintain posture and aids in blood circulation, thus it leads to higher productivity.

• Laminated wood and steel furniture – Because a well-furnished office reflects the company's image, never settle for less. These materials have the advantage of blending well in modern office setups. They are also easy to maintain and comparatively inexpensive.

• Fiberglass furniture – The trend now is to add glass furniture as well as long glass conference tables in offices. Fiberglass materials are used in more exclusive and designer office setups. Nowadays, glass desks and operator workstations are also custom made for a sleek and rich look.

• Modular furniture – Consists of pre-made furniture components which can be put together in various combinations depending on the space and office setting. There are two types, one is the freestanding module which can be set up without any support, and panel-mounted which requires some support. The former is famous in office settings as it can be moved around based on convenience and space.

Handy Hints:

• Fiberglass furniture is a new trend in designer office setups

• Modular furniture adds to the uniqueness of an office setting

• Ergonomic furniture maximizes comfort over regular furniture

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Source: Mrudvi Bakshi, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer

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