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You may be starting up your own company, refurbishing an existing office or relocating your office to a new location. Having good planning and execution of fitting out an office is crucial from the perspective of maximum space utilization, cost control and the overall productivity of your staff.

The first step is to invest appropriate time and energy in preparing a detailed project brief. This brief should not only look at structural metrics but also answer key questions such as whether the property has long or short-term lease, whether an open plan or a cellular office framework is suitable, what the maintenance costs are and other major considerations.

You also need to understand what each role does and how these roles may evolve in the future. From an organizational perspective, is there a chance of inorganic acquisition or layoffs? All these need to be blended in planning out the project brief.

Once the project brief is ready, the next step is to select the right fit-out partner. Ideally, you should have someone on board who has all the key disciplines such as IT, furnished supplies, project consultancy as well as post-consultancy management. The relationship between the in-house team and the fit-out partner is critical, and both must be completely aligned. Check the health and safety records of the fit-out partner and if they are committed to delivering your brief on time and budget without compromising on quality.

A relocation or refurbishment provides a good opportunity for you to reassess your IT needs and its implications on office design. Today, bulkier desktops are being replaced with tablets, sleek laptops and even smartphones. Hence, you may need lesser desk space and more space allotted for meeting areas. Also factor in the possibility of remote log-in, printing as well as network storage.

Handy Hints
• Invest enough time and energy in creating a detailed project brief
• The fit-out partner and in-house team must be closely aligned
• Being IT smart helps one design the office to improve productivity 


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Source: Dipshikha Mitra, Special to Properties
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