Get tips on picking the ideal office layout for your firm

Get tips on picking the ideal office layout for your firmImage Credit: Supplied

An office layout speaks volumes about the product or service provided by the company/individual in question. However, whether you work full-time or function independently from home, it should contribute towards your productivity in every which way.

• Traditional closed office – This old-school, very popular office layout is severely partitioned as per the hierarchical structure of the company. Senior officials occupy corner rooms providing greater privacy while the lower-level employees sit on desks outside, with or without any partition. While this structure provides obvious benefits in terms of organization, free-flowing communication is often a barrier.

• Open-plan office – Ideal for creative environments which require frequent group brainstorming sessions and otherwise easy communication, this may or may not have designated desks for workers. This creates a tremendous sense of teamwork though the level of heightened noise pollution can be a major downer.

• Cubicle workstation – This is generally shared by two to three persons sitting at their desks with individual computers and private phones. The cubicles are partitioned in rows and separated by aisles and are generally occupied by mid-level employees who are seated together. Its major advantage is that it gives sufficient room to move about and interact.

• Short-term office – Office space available for short-term rental basis is ideal for small businesses and on-the-move executives. This set-up is fully equipped with furniture and office essentials such as Internet, and fax and voicemail machines, and are available for rent on a daily, weekly, monthly or slightly-longer basis.

• Virtual office – For a large part of professionals who prefer to work from home, there is the virtual office. Replete with computers, Internet access and telephones, this arrangement provides significant savings and enhanced flexibility as compared to other traditional office set-ups.

Handy Hints:

• An office layout is reflective of a company’s core business model

• Companies can choose to have a modern or traditional layout

• Open-plan offices, ideal for creative firms, promote teamwork

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