Favorable trade winds boost RAK Maritime City

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From new chemical factories to building infrastructure for the oil and natural gas industry, RAK Maritime City (RAKMC) is on a growth path.

RAKMC is a free zone spread over an area of 800 hectares dedicated to medium and heavy industries. Industrial facilities operating here can make use of the coastline, a deep harbor, exclusive jetties and commercial land. The proposed rail connectivity will further prop up the stocks of this industrial zone. When conceived, RAKMC was divided into zones depending on the specific industry. These include retail, warehousing, general cargo handling, industrial production and manufacturing, tank storage, and shipbuilding or repairs.

There are three types of licenses issued to conduct business here. These include commercial licenses, general trading licenses and industrial licenses. Unlike some of the free zones in Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah, companies registered with RAKMC have to operate within the premises of the industrial zone.

RAKMC underlines the growth of Ras Al Khaimah as a maritime business hub. Along with RAKMC, the other four port facilities available in the emirate include the Saqr Port, Al Jazeera Port, RAK Khor Port and Al Jeer Port.

Some of the latest developments at RAKMC include a new diammonium phosphate (DAP) facility. The project, set to cost $950 million, will produce around 1 ton of DAP annually. DAP is an important constituent of fertilizers.

Another important project taking shape at RAKMC is the construction of a pair of giant liftboats set to be commissioned in 2016. Liftboats are vessels with open decks capable of carrying equipment and supplies for offshore mineral exploration and construction activities. These liftboats being built at one of the fabrication yards at RAKMC are set to aid in the oil and natural gas exploration work.

Handy Hints
• RAK Maritime City issues commercial, general trading, industrial licences
• One big project in RAKMC is the diammonium phosphate plant
• Another project is the construction of a pair of giant liftboats

Source: S. Dhar, Special to Properties
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