Factors to look for in a business location

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Finding the right office space that makes perfect business sense is vital to the success of any business. Many factors define the success of a business such as location and accessibility. Offices located in a business district are more likely to attract better footfall. Clients prefer to associate themselves with companies that present themselves well and have well designed spaces that are in accordance with their brand images.

At the moment, there is a higher demand at the moment for bigger office spaces, giving an indication that businesses are working on expansion and there are new entrants in the market as well. Fitted office spaces in new buildings offer better quality finishes and more efficient space, with the most sought-after amenities such as covered parking and access to retail outlets.

Businesses benefit greatly from setting up at prominent commercial addresses because of substantially low costs and also by the fact that the infrastructure is at par with global benchmarks. The world is now a big marketplace and transactions take place round the clock especially due to people working in different time zones. Commercial towers and free zones must offer their clients this kind of a beneficial environment where the clock never stops and everything is abuzz at all times.

Lastly, businesses prefer a commercial arena with an open office space and additional facilities such as a casual work environment, restaurants, cafes and more. The idea is to combine work with pleasure. Any commercial avenue that is located in a prime business district is on its way to becoming one of the most sought after addresses, if it can score high on all counts.

That said, businesses look for an approachable management; a team supporting their initiatives towards meeting strategic objectives; and a team that is kind and proactive. New business setups try to understand the requirements of the region and work towards the expectations of the clientele here, so a supportive environment is a big plus.

Handy Hints
• Businesses look for 24hour operation due to different time zones
Fitted office spaces offering better quality finishes are in demand
• Commercial arenas with open spaces are sought after addresses

Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Properties
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