Dubai: Outsourcing companies’ needs

Dubai: Outsourcing companies’ needsImage Credit: Supplied

The Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ) is the world’s first free zone that is exclusively for companies that offer outsourcing services. It provides a full and comprehensive logistical grid, facilities, infrastructure and the latest technologies to support these businesses. Some of the industries that are supported at DOZ include IT, accounting, engineering, finance and R&D.

As a city, Dubai is now one of the best locales to set up an office, and DOZ offers the perfect strategic platform for companies that want to explore the possibility of tapping into the immense opportunities that exist in the MENA market. The tax benefits available are also an added impetus.

Businesses benefit greatly from setting up at DOZ because of its substantially low costs and because its infrastructure is at par with global benchmarks. The world is now a big marketplace and transactions take place round-the-clock because people work in different time zones. DOZ offers its clients this type of a beneficial environment where the clock never stops and everything is abuzz at all times.

The management at DOZ supports businesses’ initiatives towards meeting their strategic objectives. The team is kind, friendly and approachable, and is ready with their suggestions, if required, to help businesses understand the requirements of the region and work towards meeting their expectations.

DOZ provides businesses with open office space with additional facilities such as a casual work environment, restaurants, cafes and such. It has attracted mov re than 120 companies over the last many years, including international names that are looking for a new location to relaunch their back operations. Some of the big names that have offices at DOZ include Emirates, ADCB, Arab Bank, L&T Infotech, AXA and Nokia.

Handy Hints
• DOZ is world’s first free zone exclusive to outsourcing companies
• It provides businesses with open office space and added facilities
• Transactions are round-the-clock to cater to different time zones

Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Properties
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