Dubai Flower Centre a hub of ‘blooming’ business

It was created to support the growing floriculture industry in the regionImage Credit: Supplied

Since it was established in 2006, the Dubai Flower Centre (DFC), located near the Dubai International Airport, has become a popular hub for those in the floriculture industry including local and international exporters, importers and producers.

DFC handles the import and export of flowers and plants, and perishables by offering businessmen modern solutions that include warehouses, an automated storage and retrieval area, office space and business units.

These solutions allow the products to reach their destinations in the shortest time possible. To keep the freshness of flowers, foliage and other perishables, DFC also provides facilities that maintain the right temperature and specific humidity levels across a range of environmental conditions.

It has advanced facilities for the acclimatization of each kind of goods from the aircraft through to any weather conditions in different zones. Its roomy storage solutions boasts automated cooling systems and temperature-controlled enclosures, computerized sorting sections, control panels and sensors to ensure quality.

The free zone has the huge advantage of being near the airport for fast and efficient transit of goods into and out of the country. Its location also takes advantage of the emirate’s excellent connections to different parts of the world.

Among DFC’s tenants are investors from the Netherlands, South America, Africa, India, Iran, Germany, Ecuador, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Jordan and the UAE.

Being a free zone, local and foreign companies can benefit from 100% tax exemption and full foreign ownership of the business, among other free zone perks.

Handy Hints:

* DFC handles the import and export of flowers and perishables

* It has the advantage of being near the Dubai International Airport

* It has facilities that ensure the freshness and quality of supplies

Source: Alfred Ocianas, Special to Properties

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