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The interior design in real estate offices plays a cardinal role in instilling trust and closing deals with clients. More often than not, more attention is given on the aesthetics of the homes that real estate agencies promote rather than on the design of their own offices.

Experts say tweaking some office design aspects in your real estate ensures an indelible impression on clients and guests. Colors have scientifically been proven to change the mindset of people, e.g. red is an impetus for people to act immediately, blue exudes a feeling of trust and quality, green instigates people to spend money.

The conference room is the decision-making sanctuary of clients. It should reflect the type of business the company is in. If the company’s core clientele is people looking for townhouses, the conference room can be designed with features like sash windows. If it is a luxury real estate company, then invest in high-quality furnishings and vibrant artwork.

Plants are always a great sight for guests. They exude an immediate stimulus of comfort and confidence. Avoid artificial plants as they do not create any impact, whatsoever. Popular for any office designs are rubber plants, palms and spider plants.

Any real estate company that looks at building good relationships with clients must invest in comfortable pieces of furniture for the reception area. It is also advisable to stock magazines and display the company’s adverts on the reception TV. Soft background music will add a sense of sophistication to the whole setup.

Incandescent bulbs trump fluorescent lamps. Although fluorescent lamps can light up large areas, they emanate poor task lighting which can often dull people’s spirits. Make sure to accessorize your office with interesting floor and desk lamps.

Handy Hints
• Accessorize your office with interesting floor and desk lamps
• Colors and furnishings can motivate clients to purchase property
• Reception should have magazines, cozy seating and soft music

Source: Nandakumar Ganesh, Special to Properties
The writer is a freelancer

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