Basic ‘go green’ ideas for your office

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They say green is the new black, and going green is the subject of numerous government debates, corporate mantras and water cooler talks. Going green does not mean your company has to move to a secluded island while you cut your clothes to shreds and work behind tall grass along the stream while shifting your world views.

The list on how to make your office an eco-friendly place is indeed comprehensive. Every little deed helps, like printing on both sides of the paper or putting coffee paper cups in the recycling bins. Other ways on how you can have an environment-friendly workplace are as follows:

• Use energy wisely by using central power strips to shut down all computers, photocopiers, printers and other office equipment at night until you need to utilize them again.
• Maximize natural light by switching off the lights. Let the glorious UAE sunshine blaze through big office windows. Introduce skylights and keep the blinds open so you do not have to turn on the lights at daytime.
• Designate an area where employees can use common supplies like staplers, binders, paper clips, among others. Also promote the reuse of office envelopes.
• Cut back on cooling costs during the summer months by asking employees to dress casually but smart for the weather.
• It would be wise for each work area or desk to have its own recycling bin and to encourage employees to consciously adopt green practices when discarding office waste and other types of trash.
• Initiate carpooling arrangements and urge officemates to do the same. It will not only save everyone gas money but also help minimize carbon footprint.

Indeed, there is no need to sing an earthsong to get involved in opportunities to adopt eco-friendly office practices to make a difference.

Handy Hints
• Maximize natural light by keeping the blinds open at daytime
• Use central power strips to shut down computers, printers, etc.
• Designate an area where employees can use common supplies

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Source: Cleofi-Krista Capili, Special to Classifieds

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