Al Aweer: a buzzing commercial area

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Located around 35 kilometers away from Dubai’s city center, Al Aweer is a teeming commercial area with scattered residential housing. Initially a farming village, the area developed largely after the Emirates Road was built and now boasts of one of the biggest fruits and vegetables markets in the emirate.

Traders, exporters, wholesalers as well as retailers throng this Dubai suburb to stock on different types of vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. A combination of fresh products coupled with a great price make this market extremely attractive to buyers. Even families residing in Dubai rely on this area to stock up on their weekly supplies. Besides, businessmen dealing in fresh produce can make a mark with a venture here.

And if you are a car lover, there is nothing like the Al Aweer used car mart. With every showroom showcasing top quality sports and luxury cars at affordable rates, you will be spoilt for choice. The best part of the deal is, all prices are negotiable and you can often find exclusive models of certain cars at a price that is hardly imaginable. Moreover, the presence of well-known retailers makes it easier to select cars.

Apart from these perks, there are benefits like warranty and insurance offers on used cars. Generally, most used car dealers do not dare to talk about the warranty part, but most showrooms here will give you warranty packages ranging from one to three years. If you are lucky, installment schemes may also be availed from certain retailers.

Al Aweer has been recently declared as a winter camping destination. So, if you are willing to soak in the winter sun or spend a chilly night in the desert, this suburb can well be your next stop for the weekend. According to the Dubai Municipality rules, private camps can be set up in designated areas and campers must pay heed to the stipulated rules and regulations.

Handy Hints
• Al Aweer is a teeming commercial area known for fresh produce
• The used car mart has dealers, retailers of top quality vehicles
• It is a winter camping destination with allocated private camps

Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Properties
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