Abu Dhabi: Al Meena still relevant today as it was then

The home to the oldest port also hosts a wide range of souksImage Credit: Supplied

The area of Al Meena is located in the northeastern part of the capital Abu Dhabi. Its primary commercial activity for the past four decades revolved around Zayed Port (or Mina Zayed), the city’s oldest port. 

Zayed Port has recently gotten an overhaul in its endeavor to attain a place as one of the top cruise line destinations in the world. It currently has the capacity to accommodate two large cruise ships, and more developments are expected in the coming months and years. These include an Arabian souk, a world-class terminal to handle cruise passengers and a heritage area. 

The Dhow Harbor is a maritime feature in Al Meena. This is where traditional ships are docked and sail from. 

The area is also renowned for its multiple markets (souks), very far removed from the modern markets found in the city center. The Iranian Souk is notable for its inexpensive houseware, plastic goods and handicrafts, while the sprawling Plant Souk sells plants of different varieties and garden ornaments. 

Another venue is the famous Fish Souk where all kinds of fresh seafood, from king prawns to grouper and herring to squid, are sold. This market’s unique selling proposition, however, goes beyond the incredible variety. Seafood can be bought, cleaned, cut as requested, and then cooked in curry, barbequed or even grilled – all within one capacious market. 

Close by, the Fruit and Vegetable Souk offers fresh produce, the freshest to the early risers. It opens at 4:30 am and sells cartons of juicy watermelons, bunches of bananas and a wide variety of other fruits and vegetables for a good price. The Carpet Souk, meanwhile, sells all kinds of carpets and majlis sets at affordable prices. 

Also available in the area are warehouses for rent for commercial clients. Companies that are leasing space are from sectors as varied as technology to manufacturing and food to hospitality. 

Handy Hints: 

* Al Meena’s primary activity used to revolve around Zayed Port 

* The place features several markets selling a variety of products 

* Warehouses leased by firms from various sectors also available 

Source: Bushra Hameduddin, Special to Properties 

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